Monday, August 29, 2011

a little me time...

Do you love to read or know someone who loves to read? These little bookmarks are so much fun to make - and would make a great gift. I saw the idea on Pinterest awhile back here and they were made with pretty little jewelry pieces. They are so beautiful. I am not good with making jewelry, but I can hot glue like it's nobody business. lol

I was playing around with my scrapbooking products tonight, since it's been so long since I've spent time creating, just for fun. Then I saw these Melissa Frances resin frames lying on my table and thought....a necklace? A photo inside? Hang them on a scrapbook page? Aha. A bookmark.

For each bookmark, I wanted a long piece that you slide into the book to hold the page. For this, I used white pom pom trim by Melissa Frances on the middle bookmark, tinsel for the swirl bookmark, and a crepe paper strip for bookmark on the right. (All by Melissa Frances.) I just added some little resin frames, pins, and a satin flower (on the center one) with a hot glue gun. For these photos, I covered some old books with Melissa Frances papers from the 5th Avenue line.

This one holds a little photo of my girls.
I think I know what my mom is getting for her birthday in September! She loves to read. A new book with a new bookmark inside will do the trick. (I might cover the new book in pretty papers too!)

Ooh, I just had another thought. One of Melissa Frances' chandelier drops would be neat dangling on a bookmark as well!

Melissa Frances supplies used:
Papers: 5th Avenue line
Resin: Elegance Frame Applique, Provincial Applique - set of 4, Scroll Applique
Flower: Green Satin Twist Rose
Rub on sentiment: Girlfriends rub ons
White Pearls
Silver Tinsel
Tissue Paper Garland, pink and white
Pom pom trim, white
Other: floral pins, gray lace ribbon


Daniela Dobson said...

So pretty Dani!! I thinks these might be the bookmarks you are talking about.

dalijablog said...

This is absolutely stunning Danielle!

Could make beautiful Xmas pressies too! Love it!

TenSGal said...

Those are absolutely beautiful! What wonderful gifts they'd make!


Rebekah said...

Simply beautiful. Such a great and different way to use our scrapbooking materials. You've inspired me to take a second look and breathe new life into crafty supplies.

Melonie said...

These are totally delightful Dani! Love them:)

Jenna Ruth said...

So beautiful!! :)

Valentina said...

Such a gorgeous idea... I love the bookmarks.

Kitchen Benchtops said...

Very creative! I think this is real good and you need some creativity to make these flowers. I love projects that uses recycled items.