Sunday, July 15, 2007

Love Elsie "Roxie" line

Yay, I love the 15th! That is when I get to share my work for Treasured Scrapbooking every month. Just look at what the July kit has in store! This was a fun kit to play with, I must say. I can't get enough of the music sheet paper.

I created four cards and submitted 2 of them to Paper Crafts and they were accepted! So I ended up having to make 2 more to replace them. Watch for them in the Feb. '08 issue! I finally broke the Paper Crafts barrier.. I am just thrilled! ha :)

There is a story to the WOW card. The inspiration for this came on Friday when I went to see my niece in a play she was in..they did songs from "School house rock"..anyone remember this?? Well, one of the songs was about interjections like wow!, hey!, etc. I thought it was so cute. So I had to make a card with an interjection! Yeah!

Thanks for visiting me today! Have a great Sunday!

(The last one, Lots of Gifts card, is out for pub.. see me in Cards, December 2007.)


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

These are all awesome, wow! (used your interjection....big smiles)

Regina Easter said...

Okay Danielle that first card just jumped right out at me and then i got more awesome surprises with the other cards....CONGRATS on breaking the PAPER CRAFTS thingy......I HOPE TO BE ABLE TO DO THAT ONE DAY.......(smile)...but for now I will just enjoy all of the beautiful things you all have in those books...Have a great week... regina

Marlou McAlees said...

Just love these, Elsies stuff is great and I love what you came up with :)

janet said...

Dani I can not get enough of your cards!!! They are all perfect! Congrats on getting 2 published!!!