Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A happy, sunny day!

Today is going to be a happy day..I can tell already! The girls and I went outside yesterday in the sun and did some raking and playing in the yard...I could see the sheer excitment on their faces and passion for being outdoors coming alive wonderful that children can make us realize the best things in life! I love my girls so much! It's been such a loooong, cold winter here in N.Y., so we were thrilled to get out and enjoy the day.

I have some fun news that I can finally share today...I've been asked to be a part of Label Tulip for the next 6 months!! It is a kit club that sells gorgeous kits, I'm so proud to be joining these talented ladies!! (That's me....the third one from the left....)
I'm also excited today because I am traveling 1/2 hour to visit our nearest Michael's and scope out some new punches. What could be better? HA
I have to share a little funny from Kati. Kati was jumping up in the air and clapping yesterday... so I said, "What are you doing? "

She replied, "I'm just catching the sun fuzzies." You know how when the sun shines in and you can see the little dust particles flying around? Except is was "Juth catching the thun futheeths" because she can't say her s's yet. ha

Enjoy your day too and catch some sun fuzzies!


Anna Sigga said...

Huge congrats on the LP DT spot - can't wait to see all the fabness you will be creating!!

OHh - and happy punch-looking! ;o)

Lisa said...

Congratulations! I must check out the me some kit clubs! Have fun at Michael's. Always a treat to wander the crafty aisles. And what your daughter said...priceless!!! :)

Nicole said...

I am so happy to see you over at LT!! CONGRATS, girl!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!! i'm happy for you!!! I've bought that kit a few times and have been happy with it!! There are some talented ladies that do wonderul creations with those kits, and you are definately one of them!!! enjoy Michael's!! i think I've bought every new Ek punch that they have!!

Mary - said...

dani that is so awesome - i love label tulip kits. super big congrats you you!! & have fun shopping at michael's :D m-

Leigh Penner said...

Congratulations, Dani!!

Norma Kennedy said...

Dani congrats on Label Tulip !!!!! How cute is ur DD and a good reminder to take time out to catch sun fuzzies !

Dria said...

Congrats on your new DT assignment.
I went to Micheal's on a "punch hunt" yesterday.. nice that they are 40% off :) What did you get?

just lisa said...

HUGE Congrats Dani!! Love the conversation with your little daughter too...very sweet!

Kimmie said...

did they have anything good? im suppose to go to the one on Wash Ave on Friday

scrappermimi said...

Big Congrats! Can't wait to see more of your work!

Juliana Michaels 17turtles said...

Congrats Dani!
Can't wait to see what you create with their kits!!!
Thanks for sharing the story about your DD! It gave me a much needed smile today!!!

Laina said...

Hey Dani! Congrats on the DT, you are so talented! They are so lucky to have you! Hope you get some great punches today.
Gotta love kids and their cuteness!

Melonie said...

LOL! Too cute. Now I will think of Kati when I see the "fuzzies"
HUGE congrats on LT. You will rock their kits!!

Daniela Dobson said...

How funny that she knows what those are!!!!
Congrats on the Label Tulip!!!! That is so exciting, their kits are awesome and I can't wait to see your creations.
What punches did you get???? I really like my swiss cheese one, so fun, and the Fiskars apron lace!!!!

Leslie Ashe said...

WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats girl!
I can't say it enough how excited I am you're on the team! WHOOP!!
:D I cannot WAIT to see your creativeness with the kits!

Kati is PRECIOUS!!

Ohhh did you get some fun punches? Tell me what all you got!

Shirley said...

Big congrats and very deserved Dani!