CARDS WITH DIMENSION: Lovely Layers, Textures and Embellishments: An online card making class with, Jan. 2015. You can find the class HERE.

THE EMBELLISHING HANDBOOK: an eBook written and created by me for Big Picture Classes and Ella Publishing, December 2012. You can find the eBook HERE.

ELLA'S ESSENTIAL GUIDE TO SCRAPBOOKING GIRLS: contributor to this eBook, along with 4 others. Ella Publishing, 2010. You can find the eBook HERE.

CARDS Magazine:
Button card (Jenni Bowlin): March 2011.
Easter butterfly card (Jenni Bowlin): March 2011.
Two card (Jenni Bowlin): Feb 2011.
Birdy Baby Boy card (Jenni Bowlin): Feb 2011.
You are My Reason Why card (Pink Paislee): Feb 2011.
May Your Bobbin Always Be Full card (Jenni Bowlin): Feb 2011.
Best card (Pink Paislee): March 2010.
Tattered Wings card (Melissa Frances): February 2010.
Best Friends card (Pink Paislee): February 2010.
For You, Sugar card: February 2010.
Designer Spotlight Article about me: Sept 2009.
Fall card (Pink Paislee): Sept 2009.
Happy Back to School Day (Pink Paislee): Sept 2009.
4 You card (Pink Paislee): Sept 2009.
Baby Boy card (Cut Cardstock): Sept 2009.
Shh, It's a Surprise card (Cut Cardstock): Sept 2009.
Love card set (Dream Street): Sept 2009.
Come Home Soon card (Pink Paislee): July 2009.
Miss You card (Pink Paislee): July 2009.
For My Guy card (Pink Paislee): July 2009.
Happy card (Pink Paislee): July 2009.
You're My Style card (Pink Paislee): January 2008.
Birthday Girl card (Pink Paislee): January 2008.
Little Princess card (Pink Paislee): January 2008.
Princess Party Invitation (Pink Paislee): January 2008.
Holiday tag (Melissa Frances): December 2008.
Way to Go card: Oct. 2008.
Get Well card: Sept. 2008.
Celebrate card (Pink Paislee): Sept. 2008.
Happy Birthday butterfly card (Pink Paislee): Aug 2008.
Fall card: Aug 2008.
It's a Girl card: July 2008.
Enjoy card: July 2008.
Friends card: April 2008.
For You card: April 2008.
Just Married card: April 2008.
All Star card: April 2008.
Best of Times card: Feb. 2008.
Have Faith card: Jan. 2008.
Lots of Gifts card: Dec. 2007.
Birthday hat card: Dec. 2007.
Baby Girl card: Dec. 2007.
Stitched Flower Delight card: April 2007.

Layout, card and gift bag 2011.

Li'l Fish layout: Scrapbooking Ideas for Every Season 2012.
She's All Girl layout: upcoming Mixed Media Issue 2012.

2 technique cards: 2011.

Glass Block Nightlight: Spring issue 2008.

ESPRIT MAGAZINE (French publication):
Article and several projects July 2011.

HANDMADE Magazine (formerly Paper Trends):
Bless this Home Tin Star (Melissa Frances): April/May 2009
Little Prince Gift Box and Card set (Melissa Frances): April/May 2009.
Birthday Girl card: April/May 2009
Joy Gift Box (Melissa Frances): Dec/Jan. 2009 

It's That Time Again layout: on-line featured idea layout, Oct. 18, 2007.
Tell of Spring layout: October 2007.


Enjoy Your Retirement card: May 2012.

Project Life Layout: Photo Pocket Scrapbooking issue, Feb 2014.
7 cards: Cool Tools special issue 2011.
Little Girl Birthday Gift Set: 2011.
From the Bottom of My Heart card: Color issue 2010.
Joy Christmas Gift Box: Nov/Dec 2010.
Joy and Love Decor: Holiday Cards and More 2010.
Happy Anniversary card: Card Style 2010.
Santa Claus is Coming to Town card: Card Style 2010.
Simply the Best card (JBS): Card Style 2010.
Thanks for being You card (JBS): Card Style 2010.
Dream Big card (JBS): Card Style 2010.
The Best Dreams card (Dream Street):  Go To Sketches Idea Book, 2010.
Be Mine card (Pink Paislee): Go To Sketches Idea Book, 2010.
A Little Something for the Birthday Girl (Pink Paislee): Go To Sketches Idea Book, 2010.
Sweet card (Pink Paislee): Jan/Feb 2010.
Joy card (Pink Paislee): Holiday Idea Book, 2009.
Christmas Tree Gift Box (Pink Paislee): Holiday Idea Book, 2009.
Pocket photo card (Melissa Frances): Holiday Idea Book, 2009.
For You card (Pink Paislee): A Card A Day Idea Book, Oct. 2009.
ABCD Teacher card (Melissa Frances): A Card A Day Idea Book, Oct. 2009.
BFF Friend card (Melissa Frances): A Card A Day Idea Book, Oct. 2009.
Endless Possibilities baby card (Melissa Frances): Card Creations 7, 2009.
Hey, Sugar card (Pink Paislee): Card Creations 7, 2009.
Chic card (Pink Paislee): Card Creations 7, 2009.
Curls layout (Pink Paislee): Recycle issue 2009.
Heart card (Pink Paislee): Card Creations 6, 2008.
Hoppy Easter: Card Creations 6, 2008.
Have Your Cake and Eat it Too (Pink Paislee): Card Creations 6, 2008.
Sympathy card: Paper Crafts Gourmet issue, 2008.
Half Birthday Fondue Ensemble: Paper Crafts Gourmet issue, 2008.
Twinkle Sparkle card: Holiday Cards and More issue, 2008.
Dear Santa stocking: Holiday Cards and More issue, 2008.
Cozy Little Christmas card: Holiday Cards and More issue, 2008.
Rejoice card: Holiday Cards and More issue, 2008.
Magic Glass Ornament: Holiday Cards and More issue, 2008.
Joy card: Holiday Cards and More issue, 2008.
My Sweetheart card: Aug/Sept. 2008.
Cell Phone #s Keychain: Crafting With Kids issue, 2008.
Girlfriends Keychain: Crafting With Kids issue, 2008.
Piano Practicing Chart: Crafting With Kids issue, 2008.
Happy Birthday felt bird card: March 2008.
Shamrock card: March 2008.
I (heart) You card: Feb. 2008.
With all my heart card: Feb. 2008.
You Rock card: Feb. 2008.

Happy Birthday to You card: Summer issue 2008.


Memories Tin (Pink Paislee): Dec 2008.
A Bitter Wind Howls Halloween card (Melissa Frances): Oct/Nov 2008.
Baby Boy Birdhouse card: Aug/Sept 2008.
Babies are a Gift card: Aug/Sept 2008.
So Kind of You card (Pink Paislee): Aug/Sept 2008.
Fairy Tale Book Ends: Aug/Sept 2008.
It's Your Day card: April/May 2008.
Spoken For card: April/May 2008.
Good Times card: April/May 2008.
Teacher, I Thank You card: April/May 2008.
Thank You card: Dec/Jan 2008.
Enjoy the Magic card: Oct/Nov. 2007.

We Love Summer layout: June 2012.
4 cards: special sketch card issue 2012.
Little Cook layout: Spring 2011.
There's Snowbody Like You card: Winter 2010.
The Leaves are Rustling layout: Fall 2010.
Back 2 School card: Fall 2010.

Just a Little Note (hybrid) card: February 2008.
Take Time to Smell the Roses (hybrid) card: August 2007.
Simply Adorable (hybrid) layout: Feb. 2007.

Featured card designer: July 2008.

True Love layout: online article Feb. 2010.
Pinwheels 2011.

JOY layout (Pink Paislee): December 2013. COVER OF ISSUE.
Messy or Clean? layout: December 2010.
Spook layout: November 2010. COVER OF ISSUE
House of Love mini album (Dream Street): Mini Album Idea Book 2010.
With Love, Mom - mini album (Dream Street): Mini Album Idea Book 2010.
Sing page: February 2010.
Hey Diddle Diddle layout(Melissa Frances): February 2010.
P.S. I Love You mini album (Dream Street):February 2010.
The Greatest Love layout (Melissa Frances): August 2009.
No Two Are Alike mini album (Pink Paislee): Holiday Idea Book 2009
I Believe card (Melissa Frances): Holiday Idea Book 2009
Tips to Happiness mini album (Pink Paislee): Mini Album Idea Book, 2009.
Joy mini album (Magistical Memories): Feb 2009.
Holiday frame (Melissa Frances): December 2008.
Home frame (Melissa Frances): December 2008.
Be You layout (Pink Paislee): Sept. 2008.
Wishing You Merriment card: Holiday Idea Book 2008.
2 Rings Wedding card: Wedding Idea Book 2008.
7 Days a Week, I Count My Blessings layout: Embellishment Idea Book 2008.
Snow Smitten layout: Dec. 2007.

SCRAP INFO JOURNAL (Russian Magazine):
New Spring Shoes layout 2011.

Lolli Love layout (Melissa Frances) 2011.
You are My Forever layout (Melissa Frances) 2012.

Pinwheels: July/Aug. 2007.
Crate paper wedding frame: May 2007.
Cherish Flower Pot: Jan/Feb. 2007.
Thanks, Cupid layout: Jan/Feb. 2007.
Believe Christmas card: Nov. 2006.
Scrappy Heart Christmas card: Nov. 2006.
Wishing You Love at Christmas card: Nov. 2006. Ezine:
Wobble layout: 2010.
Neighborhood Love layout: 2010.
Destination Beach mini album: Sept. 2008.

Blog header featured: Artful Blogging: Fall 2011.


ACCUCUT: Design work, Christmas 2008.

CREATIVE CAFE: Design work, Christmas 2008.

HOME AND GARDEN (HGTV) Television website:
You Bring Us Joy layout, July 2007. Altered House and Tree featured in "Christmas in July" newsletter along with an article written by me, July 2007. Two custom acrylic stamps set of mine included in their July 2007 scrapbooking/card kits. 

Other contests

  • Scenic Route: Monthly winner of the Chipboard Contest, March 2008.
  • Fancy Pants' Blog: Felt Contest, one of 4 winners, March 2008.
  • Paper Crafts Magazine CARD IDOL contest: Made it in the top 5 out of 1100 entries, May 2007.


  • Project classes for Melissa Frances: Collins Group Trade Show, Framingham, MA March 2011.
  • Mini album technique classes: Reflections, CA: May 2010.
  • Layout, mini album and card classes: Lasting Memories, CT: March 2010.
  • Layout, mini album and card classes: Lasting Memories, CT: Oct 2009.
  • Project and card classes: Right at Home Scrapbooking, MA: May 2009. 


Rose Fenway said...

The Cuppa Love is terrific. First time visiting your site and I'm hooked. Terrific designs.

Rose Fenway said...

Love the Cuppa love. First time visiting site and I am hooked!!