Saturday, May 16, 2009

Label Tulip creations and my first video tutorials!

Pull up a chair and get ready to sit a spell! I have a photo heavy post and some video tutorials to share with you first ever!! I hope you enjoy them!

The May kits for Label Tulip went up for sale last night. I am totally blown away by everyone's creations! Emily Falconbridge is the guest designer this month - so stop over and check out the designer gallery! I had to buy all the add-ons this time...yum. Here are the pages and cards that I made with all of the kits.

Lucky layout: This one is a page about my girls and their cousin, Rachel who they just adore! I'm so glad they all have a close relationship, because we don't have a lot of family here. Rachel is such a doll and is SO good with them. They love her to pieces.
As far as techniques go, I stitched over the trees in the paper to give them some added detail. The 3 little orange dots were punched out of the orange border and stitched onto part of the Prima packaging. When I added the tree under the photo, some of it was hanging off the page, so I cut it off and placed it above the large photo. I didn't want to waste any of the cute felt trees!
To create the scrunched up ribbon, I ran a red thread up and down the length of the ribbon, then pull on the end of the thread. I cut one of the chipboard frames up to use as a photo corner. The leaves are zig zag stitched after I added them to the page, it makes them stay right where you want them!

The 4 of us layout: I decided to use the chipboard frames on this one with another felt tree (you get 2 in the package - woot!) to create a "family tree" sort of effect. These are just some random photos of us. Journaling says, "I don't know what I'd do without US!".

You at 3 layout: There was a sheet of paper in the kit that had big stars on it, so I cut one of the stars out and turned it over (love the polkadot pattern on the back). Then I tucked the photos in, added the title and stitched around the star with black thread to make it pop out a little bit more. How perfect that I got a #3 card in the kit, and Kati just happens to be 3 years old!

I cut up the ric rac border in half the long way, so I would have more strips and then I used them to write my journaling above. (also added a bit of stitching above each one) The journaling says, "Always so happy and agreeable, that's what I love so much about you. Life is never hard with you." Kati is seriously the best 3 year old I could have asked for. She's such a good girl!

Remember card: Next is a quick little card that I made with an envelope that comes in the add-on mini album kit. I used the packaging from the Sassafras felt (white lined paper) and covered up the Sassafras name with the owl and border. Added some Pink Paislee Enchanting rub ons and punched a little scalloped border on the bottom in just one spot.

And now for my tutorials! We were assigned to create an item based on Marianne Hope's Always layout. Here is her layout:I decided to make a card and instead of doing the masking technique, I just sprinkled white paint on and added a painted sun. The 2 journaling cards take the place of her 2 photos. Lastly, I stitched a word on the bottom with yellow thread.

Want to see how I made it? Here is my very first tutorial! OK laughing! Sorry about the quality of the video also. I really thought it would be better. I am still going to try and figure out how to make the videos better.


The last layout I wanted to show you is the Quilting Queen page. One of our assignments was to do a page about something that not everyone knows about you. I tried to do a little bit of "quilting" on my page where I pieced the borders on and pieced together the blue papers also. Please watch the video below to see how I did that!
Journaling says, "OK I lied...I'm not a queen of quilting, but I have been quilting for about 8 years now and just love making blankets for everyone!"
Here is the video on how I made the edges of this page:

Thank you so much for visiting today!


Pinky said...

You sis a beautiful job Danielle!
I love quilting pages....I never get to do them anymore but they are so beautiful!

Jennifer said...

awesome creations!!

Britt said...

Awesome job! I just love looking at your blog everyday. Thank you for the inspiration.

Juliana said...

Wonderful job with this Dani!

TraceyT said...

You are so darn creative. LOVE all of these pages. TFS you talent.

Andrea said...

You amaze me!! Thanks for the video tutorial too ;)

Davinie said...

Okay, you are the cutest thing ever. I LOVE what you did with LT this month and your tutorials are wonderful!

Julie O. said...

Wow, Dani! Fabulous post! I love all your creations and the videos were great! That reverse stitching is very cool. Thanks for sharing that technique!

Nicole said...

WoW!!! I love your creations and your tutorial is perfect. Thanks for sharing your talent, Danielle! :)

Staci said...

Your layouts and cards are all gorgeous, dani!! And it was so fun to watch your tutorial - you have an adorable voice :-)

Leslie Ashe said...

I ♥♥♥ hearing you!! Your tutorials are amazing girl!! It's so fun to put a voice to a are ADORABLE!!!!!! :D
What kind of camera did you use and how did you position it?

And..heck yes I mean my anniversary!'s tomorrow!! 19 years...whoa nelly! That's so cool we're so close with our dates! Happy early anniv to you and your hubby!! HUGS!!!

LInda E said...

Thanks for sharing these beautiful projects.

Eva said...

WOW, Dani, your work is just AMAZING!!!! So love all your gorgeous details and you are so creative...I mean, who would have thought of quilting on a paper????? WOW!!!!!!!! You are my hero!!!

ellen s. said...

i am just loving each project! and the videos are awesome. love that quilting on a page! so cool

christy sheffield said...

Love the layouts! Thanks for the "quilting" paper technique. The video was so helpful. I can't wait to try it!

Anonymous said...

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