Wednesday, October 6, 2010

lizard's gizzard and eye of newt...

By the title, you may have guessed that I have another Halloween project to share! :) I do!

For the Glue ARTS blog today, my assignment was to use their Car Accents on a project. It's sort of a vinyl material and it sticks to cars, windows, etc. but you can also use it in other ways! It comes in all different colors. I decided to try chalk on the black one, and it worked, so I made a little Halloween menu board. Wouldn't it be fun to display at a Halloween party?
I used an 8 x 10" frame, removed the glass and adhered the Car Accents (in "Blackout") to the cardboard that was in the frame. Then I dressed up the frame with Echo Park's "Happy Halloween" line of stickers and paper. I used colored chalk to write up the "spooky stew" menu. lol

The chalk erases by getting it wet, so you can change it out. I think one of these would be fun to make as a general one too to keep in your kitchen year-round, one that isn't Halloween themed! (Pardon my spelling, I just noticed that I spelled lizard wrong. oops!)

Here is what you need:
An 8" x 10" frame (with a stand in the back)
Car Accents by Glue Arts in Blackout
Glue Glider by Glue Arts
Permament Tac adhesive refill by Glue Arts
Halloween stickers and paper (This is the Happy Halloween line by Echo Park.)
Spider rings/webbing from craft store

1. Remove glass from frame. Cut Car Accents vinyl piece 8 x 10" to fit inside frame. Attach to cardboard backing and put frame back together. Do not put glass back in, because we want to be able to write on the "chalkboard".
2. Cut green web sticker 8" long and adhere to top over vinyl.
3. Cut striped sticker 8" long and adhere to outside of frame.
4. Adhere "Trick or Treat" sticker and spider sticker. Attach web sticker. Cut ring off of spider and adhere to web sticker.
5. Write menu ingredients on Car Accents with piece of chalk (you can use different colors of chalk if you wish).
6. Cut paper for bottom of frame 8" long. Adhere to vinyl. Stand frame up and dress it up with webbing and more spider rings. You can get the vinyl wet to erase the chalk and write a new menu!

Stop over to the Glue Arts blog for a chance to win!


Sasha Holloway said...

Serious .. you are so full of inspiration that my fingers get that creative itch going on LOL.

Love this Dani ..

Tracey Taylor said...

You are such an inspiration, Danielle. I just rec'd my Oct. ST and had to pop by today and congratulate you on the cover!! :)

Jacquelynn said...

What a great idea! I have an Annual Pumpkin Carving and Scary Movie Festival where I make a lot of fun Halloween themed treats! This chalk board frame would be a perfect way to display the treats menu!

jen said...

This is so fun!!! :) You always have such great spins on products!

Jocelyn said...

Oh Danielle...this is just perfect!!!! LOVE IT!!!!

Have a great one!!! :-)

Shirley said...

What a fun project and it would be great to have one to use year round!

Kay said...

Love this!! You always have the most fantastic ideas! I'm giggling at "All natural ingredients". Perfect!!!
♥♥ Kat

Kay said...

LOL!! I just misspelled my OWN name! So funny!!!
♥♥ Kay

Dorothy C. said...

Misspelled? I thought "she's so creative, she even made lizard match gizzard". I wish I lived on the East Coast!!