Monday, May 23, 2011

lollipop bouquets...

All this month on the Jenni Bowlin blog, we are focusing on stamping! After playing around with the new Jenni Bowlin stamps, I decided to dress up some little lollipops with the stamped images and create a “bouquet”, a fun project for kids at a birthday party! Or they could be used as thank you gifts for the kids to take home, or for a display on a birthday table!

I started with Jenni Bowlin’s 3” x 3” Seal stamp that reminded me of a sunflower and used a Lemon Drops ink pad. It was stamped onto white cardstock and cut out. Then I snipped a little piece out of the image.
Next, I folded the two ends of the seal stamp together and attached with a Glue Dot. This creates a cone shape that will form around the lollipop better than a flat image. I poked a hole in the center where the lollipop will go.
Then I stamped the solid image of the 3” x 3” Blue Ribbon stamp onto white cardstock with Chewing Gum ink, and then topped it with the outline stamp in Cough Syrup ink. I cut it out and poked a hole near the center. I didn't use the tails of the Blue Ribbon, just the circle.
These two finished stamped images were layered together and a lollipop poked down through the hole. I cut the green polkadot leaves from a Family Tree paper and attached them under the lollipop flower.
If your lollipop is flat like the one below, you can adhere the yellow stamped flower underneath it and add a 3” x 3” Butterfly stamp like I did here over the top! I topped the butterfly with a Yellow Rhinestone Bow embellishment.
I used a $1 small wooden box from the craft store and wrapped it with red ribbon. The bottom is filled with foam to hold the lollipops. I cut an egg shaped foam in half that I had in my craft box and adhered it to the bottom. You will need to adhere the foam to the bottom with hot glue, because the lollipops are heavy and tend to want to fall over.
Now just poke the dressed-up lollies into the foam!
You can also cover the center of the stamped image with a 2” circle cut from patterned paper like this one.

If you use these for display on a table, you can punch some extra patterned paper circles to sprinkle on the table and add more stamped butterflies scattered around for an extra fun touch! Bend up the butterfly wings for dimension. I love the large size of the butterfly - perfect for a party decoration! These bouquets would be fun for kids to make at a party... and to make it quicker, you could have the images already stamped and cut out, then they would just put them together and poke them into the foam. I think they would be thrilled to take something like that home from a party!

Stop over to the Jenni Bowlin blog to see lots more stamped layouts and projects!


Crafty Math Chick said...

Very cool idea - never would have thought to use the foam to hold the lollipops - thanks for the inspiration Danielle!

Fiorella said...

Great idea! Thanks a lot for the inspiration!

Lisa Elton said...

Cute idea, my daughter-in-law teaches 1st grade; this will be a great little gift for the kiddos! ~ Thanks!

jamie said...


martha brown said...

This is a great idea -- so cute!

Gina said...

Adorable idea! I have the yellow bow embellishments and the butterfly stamp - what a great idea on how to use them!!!

Elizabeth said...

Danielle I really love your lollie's idea, too cute!!! It's an easy project that is sure to decorate a table and make it brighter!

I also love your layout about Maggie!!! She is such a doll and so excited that the girls have a puppy to grow up with! They are a lot of work, but so fun and joyful to have around too!

Hope you are well and that the start of your summer is going great!

Anonymous said...

such a good idea!