Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Is it Christmas yet?

It's only September, but I think Christmas is one of my favorite card-making holidays. What do you like to make for the holidays? Cards, tags, gifts, home decor? I'm putting together a little class for my neighborhood get-together and was just curious what you all had to say about holiday crafting. This is the Fancy Pants Oh Deer! collection. Isn't it cute? Puts me in the holiday mood!


Stella said...

I love this Fancy Pants collection and I know for sure you come up with a few stunning examples and ideas. i wish I live in your neighbourhood :) Taking a "class" from you would be fabulous. I've been following your blog for quite a few yearsand I am fan of your design and style. And it's about time to write a comment to let you know that I always love to visit your blog.

Danielle Flanders said...

Thank you, Stella! Glad you popped in and said hello!

Leigh Penner said...

I usually don't get in the mood to create festive projects this early, but this year, I totally am! I love this Fancy Pants collection -- it's so sweet! Thanks for sharing it here -- I can't wait to see your projects using it!

Lani said...

For years, I've made holiday cards while on vacation in July. Now that I'm retired, I have more time to have fun with paper. Can't wait to see your projects. I still love the traditional colors at Christmas. I just don't do pink, orange, etc.

I enjoy making tags too, but not too elaborate because most people don't hang on to things like that. Keep it simple.

I usually make gifts for family in addition to some store bought items. Always look forward to your new ideas.

Greta said...

I wish I was in your neighborhood--LOL! Christmas is by far my favorite card-making occasion & is the reason I started stamping. That is just a festive, pretty collection. I make mostly cards, but also like to decorate candles & I did cover a tin to make a container for homemade biscotti last year--might do another one. Have a great weekend!