Thursday, September 9, 2010

crying in my soup!

And yes, I need soup this morning because it's so darn cold out!! Brrr. It got cold so quickly after being in the 90's here last week. Kati and Taylor just got on the bus... it is Taylor's first day of 5th grade and Kati's first day of Kindergarten. They jumped out of bed this morning SO excited and got dressed in a flash. The girls picked out their own outfits last night and had everything laid out. I surprised them with a big breakfast - scrambled eggs and pancakes. After the bus came and I saw them off, I came back into the house to find....Kati's little blankie laying on the stairs by the door. I just about lost it. My eyes filled with tears. How do they go from being so little and dependent on you to all-of-a-sudden running out the door and hopping on the bus all by themselves?

Time goes by so quickly. Cherish every moment you have!!
I posted some pictures on my Facebook page this morning if you'd like to see more. I don't know why some of them turned out a little blurry. Oh well. Such is life! Ok, I'm off to go make something of my time while they are away.


doris sander said...

ohhhh both sweet peas at school. sniff sniff. :)

Tara Powell said...

I can totally relate, it's tough to let go!
Your girls look adorable. I'm sure Kati will love kindergarten
hang in there

Nora said...

I'll trade you one boy for one girl... My boys missed the bus on the second day already!!!

We always take them to school on the FIRST day - and you know I'm always the last parent to leave :(

But we're back on track.
Big hugs,

Jocelyn said...

Awwwww....they do grow so quickly and see her blankie have me crying!!!!

I know they are having a wonderful enjoy some time for yourself today!!!

Anonymous said...

Awww Dani! They are so so sweet! and your right, they grow up so so fast!

jen said...

We don't get a bus to our school- so we took Hadley to kindergarten on Tuesday- she was GREAT!!! I only cried a little bit...! ;)

BethW said...

It's been a long time since mine went off to school-but I remember how hard it was.

Shirley said...

They both look so cute and Kati's backpack is almost as big as she is! You're allowed to be a little sad and get teary but think how fun it will be each day when they come home and share all the fun things they did.

Leigh Penner said...

All three of my kids went to school today for the full day.... for the first time ever! It was strange, but I was glad they all had good days!

Jennifer Yates said...

Oh! I know exactly how you feel! They look sooo cute and ready for a great year! LOVE your layout for Ella too! :))