Tuesday, August 16, 2011

two birds of a feather...

We are definitely two of a kind, my little Kati and I! We are so alike, it's crazy. I never thought I'd have a little mini me! I call her my "baby bird".

She has my personality, almost exactly to a T. Scary! ha We are both very quiet, caring and sensitive...little things bother us that people say, and we both take things very personally. Both love artsy/crafty things, of course! She can draw like no kid her age I've ever seen! She's patient and a perfectionist like me, so her Kindergarten teacher tells me, and takes a long time finishing her work, but quick to catch on. (My junior high art teacher said the same thing about me...that it took me much too long to finish my art projects, but when they were done, they wowed him. hee) We both love to stay up late and sleep late into the morning. We both are more "stay indoors and paint your nails" type of girls, not very outdoor-ish. :) (She hates bugs and is so afraid of them!)
I wanted to get it all down on paper now to show that even at a young age, she is so much like me. My other daughter's personality is very much like my husband's. Hmmm...page idea for the future!

The paper line used here is Echo Park's Country Drive line. Love the little bird paper and the honeycomb paper! I created my own stems for the birds to sit on with this new stamp set by Papertrey Ink called Flower Fusion #7:
The stems were just stamped one on top of another with Aqua Mist and Pure Poppy ink. I made the little birds myself. I just punched a 1" circle for the small bird and cut it in half. I punched a 2" circle for the large bird and trimmed it as well. The beaks were made with the Simple Circles stamp set, and I just trimmed a small triangle out of the circle.

She's 6 now and getting so big. Took these pictures a couple of days ago, she's really looking grown-up to me lately! I really can't comprehend how fast the time has gone!
Love my little sweetheart!


TenSGal said...

Your little princess is absolutely precious!
Love the layout you did and how smart to use the leaf stamp the way you did! thanks for sharing...I love your work!


Leigh Penner said...

This is so sweet! Great layout, Dani! I love your journaling and your creative use of the Flower Fusion stamps!

Elizabeth said...

She is so cute and I can relate to A being just like me too!!!! Sometimes I crack up because she says something I would normally say or am thinking! I need to do a page like this myself!!!!

Dri Noleto said...

It must be really interesting having a "copy" of you!
Yhank God you had this opportunity!Loved your words!
Your lo is perfect!Loved it!

Sarah Jacqueline said...

This is just so adorable! I hope I have a daughter like your sweet girl someday! :)

Meredith MacRitchie said...

I love how you described your daughter and your similarities, because it reminded me of myself and daughter #1, and how daughter #2 and hubby are so much the same. It's such a trip to see how we make these little people, and they become mini versions of ourselves. One of my favourite things about being a mother - watching their personalities grow, and seeing myself in them (even the stuff I don't like!)... what a great layout idea!!

Carol's Ink Spot said...

A beautiful page. Like the little details. Cute paper and your circle birds are so clever! Adorable little girl!

Lisa Elton said...

Love this sweet post Danielle! Looking forward to the daddy/daughter duo as well :)

Jocelyn said...

OHHHHHHHHHHH Danielle so pretty!!! I adore those pics!!!!! THe LO is just beautiful!!!

Wishing you a great day sweet friend!!!

Ragnhild said...

So lovely!
And your daughter is just absolutely beautiful.
It's crazy how fast time goes.
So you just have to enjoy every second with them while you can. :)
You make a lot of nice things, I have you on my blog list and enter your blog and look at all the beautiful things you make, but I have not commented to you before today. :)
I get inspiration from your page! Thank you! :)
Have a nice evening:)
Hugs Ragnhild :o)

Janice Boon said...

Your daughter is so beautiful and this is a meaningful layout. Love it!

KimberlyRae said...
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Daniela Dobson said...

Beautiful layout!