Saturday, August 24, 2013

10am EST: "Rolled Dough Designs"

If you arrived here from Papertrey Ink, you are in the right place! The Papertrey Ink team is hosting a Stamp-a-Faire event all day with fun challenges issued all throughout the day. Feel free to participate in any of our challenges. Visit Nichole's blog for all of the information.

My first challenge for you today is to make a homemade embellishment with PaperClay and your Papertrey Ink dies and stamps. If you ordered a Stamp-a-Faire bag, you'll have most of the supplies you need right in your bag! 

I've actually create a video for you watch my process as I create a few fun handmade embellishments using Papertrey Ink's stamps and dies. Go easy on me, as it is my very first video for Papertrey Ink. I've got room for improvement, I know! :)

You'll need: 
1. Paperclay of some sort. I used the Delight Paperclay (from Papertrey Ink).
2. A spatula
3. A rolling pin
4. Wax paper/freezer paper and washi tape
5. Cutting machine, dies, inks and a variety of stamps.

Instructions to create Paperclay buttons:
1. Cover your work surface with wax paper or freezer paper. Tape down with washi tape to help it stay in place.
2. Tear off a piece of the paperclay and place onto your wax paper surface. Flatten with spatula. Roll it to a thin consistency with a rolling pin. You can leave it plain or stamp images into the clay when wet to create a debossed design to the buttons. Let the clay dry completely. You can put it in the microwave for 15 seconds, flatten it out again and let dry for 1/2 hour to speed up the drying process (or follow the directions on the package and let the clay dry 1-3 days).
3. Sandwich the DRY paperclay in between 2 pieces of wax paper. Place the button die on top of wax paper/clay stack (or the die of your choice). Run it through your cutting machine to cut out the button shapes from the clay.
4. Remove buttons. Poke out the button holes with a stylus. Stamp designs on top with stamping inks to finish the look! You can also mist the buttons, paint designs on them, add glitter, jewels, etc. 

Try this technique with other shapes/dies too, not just buttons! You can create tags, frames, home decor items, etc. Enjoy the process! Visit Nichole's blog for more rolled dough ideas.


Candida said...

I loved watching your video, Danielle! I was glad to see you use the button die because I have just snatch it in my PTI order! These buttons are so cute! I never thought I could run paper clay in my machine. I am learning so much! Thank you for sharing!

StephH said...

Danielle! First, you did an AWESOME video! You are a natural and hope we'll be seeing more videos from you. And secondly, your Paperclay buttons are the Bomb! I love all the textures and patterns you used. I am going to roll out some clay right now and get going! Thank you!

aggiesgirl said...

I think you did a great job with your video, I will be looking forward to more...thanks for all the tips!

Suzanne Russell said...

Thanks SO much for the button idea with Delight! I don't have every color of PTI buttons and this will add a lot of interest when I need "just the right" color and shape for a special project. So many new ideas and options...

TeresaAngelina said...

This was so much fun to watch!

Nance said...

Thanks for the paper clay idea, I never thought to let it dry before cutting it out or stamping. Your buttons turned out really cute. Thanks for sharing!

Deirdre said...

Danielle, brilliant debut video, keep on making them. Those button dies are amongst my favourites. Showed the picture of the buttons to my sister and she wanted to know where we could buy them! She didn't believe me that you had made them until we just sat now and watched your video. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Danielle, beautiful idea to make the paperclay into buttons! The texture of it almost makes the button accents look like fabric. Thanks so much for sharing the video!

nancy said...

It seems likes you've been making these videos for years, Danielle. The lighting and camera angle were great, you were so easy to understand, and you shared a wonderful amount of information. Please continue to make more! Love the variety of buttons you shared.

Lori Aragon said...

Excellent video Danielle! Thank you for sharing your expertise :) I ADORE buttons ♥